An organic and Fairtrade producer coffee that sublimates the taste buds

Welcome on this journey towards Central Africa, more precisely at the Virunga mountainside.
Virunga Coffee is born in the high mountains of Central Africa, an area that is characterized by respectand quality.
Its volcanic soil, abundant in mineral salts, enables the cultivation of coffee trees at a height of approximately 1500 metres, resulting in Arabica coffee beans that contain the most subtle tastes.
Manually cultivated with the utmost care, our Organic and Fairtrade certified Arabica beans are the start of an unforgettable and tasteful getaway at every sip you take.
We are delighted to share the knowhow we have gathered since 2017 with you.

Pur Arabica

Organic and Fairtrade


Superior quality

Our coffees

Made from the most prestigious varieties from the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, our coffees are subtle and preciously balanced.

Coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso® machines.

These biodegradable capsules are fully compatible with Nespresso® machines and are packaged in cardboard boxes.

Choosing our capsules means ensuring quality, the best prices and a wide choice for your greatest pleasure


Bean and ground roast coffees

Discover our bean and ground coffees with sublime aromas.

Our coffees are carefully selected and roasted.

Each coffee is unique by its terroir and its variety.

Our coffees are equipped with a reclosable zip and a valve, in order to retain all the aromas.


A greener vision

Sustainable agriculture

Our producers are part of a sustainable agriculture approach, mindful of nature.

Organic coffees

All our coffees come from organic farming, labeled BIO and Fairtrade

Ecological packaging

Our coffees are packaged in ecological packaging

Biodegradable capsules

Capsules compatible with Nespresso machines and biodegradable

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