An exceptional Arabica coffee, our proof of quality

Our beans are cultivated at the banks of the Kivu Lake and the Virunga mountainside, located at an altitude of 1500 metres.

Nothing in this setting is due by accident as this is the perfect environment to cultivate coffee beans of superior quality: Altitude is a crucial aspect that contributes to the coffee aroma.

As a matter of fact, the coffee trees take root on a volcanic soil, rich in mineral salts, that enable to guarantee its unique aroma and sumptuous taste.

We pay particular attention to the plantation conditions of our coffee trees, which is why we cooperate with COOPAC and COOPAC Limited.

Both establishments are not only specialized in the production of
green coffee beans of very high quality but also Organic and Fairtrade certified.

Additionally, we engage in an incredibly short circuit, limiting transportation and enabling us to remain close to our producers.

Concerning the superior quality of our green beans, they are carried to Belgium and roasted at the last moment enabling to maintain the freshness of the bean without losing any of its aroma.

In order to guarantee a permanent quality, regular controls are realized throughout the production chain ensuring a perfect balance in the aromas which you will be able to experience as soon as you enjoy our coffee until the final drops.

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