An exceptional Arabica coffee, our guarantee of quality

The banks of Lake Kivu and the slopes of the Virunga mountains, where our grains are grown, are located at an altitude of more than 1,500 meters. But nothing is due to chance, the location was chosen for its ideal environment for growing top quality coffee beans:

Altitude is an essential aspect of the aroma of coffee.

Indeed, the coffee trees take root on a volcanic soil rich in mineral salts, thus ensuring our coffee its signature aroma and a sumptuous taste.

We pay particular attention to the planting conditions of our coffee trees, which is why we work in partnership with the COOPAC establishments and COOPAC Limited.

They are not only specialized in the production of very high quality green beans, but also certified Organic and Fairtrade. We also offer an ultra-short circuit, which limits transport and allows us to stay close to our producers.

As for the superior quality green beans, they are transported to Belgium and are roasted at the last moment, thus keeping the freshness of the bean and not losing any aroma.

In order to guarantee you a permanent quality, controls are carried out frequently throughout the production chain, in order to ensure a perfect balance of aromas which is felt from the tasting, until the final notes.


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